Bingham, Richard

To the Glorie of the Lord of Hosts Here resteth Sr.Richard Bingham Knight of the ancient familie of the Binghams of Bingham Melcombe in the countie of Dorset: who from his youthe trayned up in militarie affairs. Served in the time of Quee:Ma: [Mary I]: at St Quintins, In the westerne isles of Scotland and at Conquet in Britaine [Brittany]. In the time of Quee: Eliza: at Leeth [Leith] in Scotland, In the Isle of Candy under the Venitians, At Cabo Chrio and the famous battaile of Lepanto against the Turks, In the Civil warrs of France, In the Netherlands, and at Smerwick where the Romanes and Irishe weare vanquished. After hee was made Governer of Conagh where hee overthrew the Irish Scots, expelled the traytor Orourke, suppressed dyvers rebellions, and that with smale charges to Her Matie. mainteining that Province in florishinge estate by the space of 13 yeares. Finallie for his good service was made Marshall of Ireland and Generall of Leinster Where at Dublin in an assured faith in Christe he ended this transitory life the 19 of Januarie, Anno Dni. 1598. Aetat.[aged] 70. This is done by Sr.John Bingley Knight sometimes his servant.
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Year of death: 1598.
Age at death: 70 (classed as: ).