Barker, Grace

Near this Place lieth interred the Body of Mrs Grace the Wife of Mr John Barker of this Town Mariner who Departed this life March the 30th 1718 in the 40th Year of Her Age. She was a loving Prudent Virtuous Wife, A dutifull Daughter an indulgent Mother, A kind Friend and Obliging to all, she had 3 Sons and 6 Daughters Her youngest son had not been many days in this Life before She exchanged it for A better.

This Inscription is by her Sorrowfull Husband dedicated to her Memory that tho dead She may yet Live in the minds of those that Survive her.

Also Her Deceased Husband in the 82d Year of His Age 1742

Likewise Wm there Eldest Son Mariner in the 53d Year Of His Age 1753. [Photograph and inscription courtesy of Hull Minster.]

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Year of death: 1718.
Age at death: 40 (classed as: ).