Baker, George

  Not far from this Place lies interr'd GEORGE BAKER, Knight; the Father (Grandfather, and Great Grandfather) of George Baker, Esq. Who, after he had done and suffer'd much for his King and Country, especially for bravely defending Newcastle against the rebellious Scots, at last submitted to an unequal Fate, unworthy his great merit, the 4th of August, 1667. But GOD would not suffer so great Virtue to lie conceal'd: Tho' he dy'd obscurely, he was bury'd honourably; The Colonel of the Militia, and the whole Train-Band, attending his Funeral, as a memorable Example of honour and Loyalty [pietasque]. At last, having lain buried unobserved more than forty Years, his Grandson Thomas Baker, Bachelor in Divinity, of St. John's College in Cambridge, the Heir, not more of his Virtues, as of his adverse Fortunes, pitying the unhappy Fate of his dear Grandfather out of his great Affection, caused this Funeral Monument to be erected, in the Year 1710. [Translation courtesy of Hull Minster webpage, adapted.]
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Year of death: 1667.
Year of headstone: 1710.
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