Anderson, Nicholas

Juxta hanc Columnam/ Custodiendum deponitur/ Collapsum, illustris animæ domicilium/ Nicolai viz Anderson hujus olim ecclesiæ/ Per viginti septem annos, Vicarii/ Qui ob summam doctrinam et morum sanctitatem/ Ob inviolatam in ecclesiam matrem pietatem/ Ob gravitatem circa res sacras Apostolicam/ singularemque tum prudentiam tum humanitatem/ Qui ob immotam Animi constantiam tam minis/ Quam blanditiis populi cedere nescientem/ et quodcunque aliud magnum et venerabile/ In consummatissimo pastore requiri solet/ Summo apud omnes in pretio erat Exceptis/ Qui optimo cuivis obmurmurant Fanaticus/ Horum splendore virtutum mandato sibi gregi/ veram ad æternam vitam viam præmonstravit/ Et postquam vitam mediocriter longævam/ Non Mediocriter beneficam impleverat/ Multum desideratus occubuit Translation: Near this Pillar is laid up safe the ruinous Tabernacle of Mr. NICHOLAS ANDERSON, formerly Vicar of this Church for the Space of twenty seven Years: Who, for his consummate Learning, Holiness of Life, inviolable Attachment to our holy Mother the Church; for his Apostolical Gravity in all Ministerial Offices; for his singular Prudence and Humanity; and, unshaken constancy of Resolution, above all, for his that knew not how to yield or give Way either to the Threatenings or Flatteries of the People; and what ever else was required as great and venerable in the most accomplish'd Pastor; made him highly esteem'd by all virtuous Persons; except only those who differ from our Communion. The Brightness of all his singular Virtues shewed the Flock committed to his Charge the true Way to Eternal Happiness: Who, after he had spent a Life, not of a great length, and yet in that time very beneficial to the World, died much lamented. [Photograph, transcription and translation courtesy of Hull Minster website, adapted.]
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Year of death: 1689.
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