Addison, Joseph

In Latin: Whoever thou art who lookest upon this marble respect the memory of Joseph Addison; whom Christian faith, whom virtue and good manners, have ever found their indefatigable patron. His genius in poetry as well as in every other kind of exquisite writing, by which he has bequeathed to posterity the finest example of a pure style of composition, and learnedly developed the discipline of a life of rectitude – stands sacred, and sacred must remain. In argument he happily blended gravity with charm and in judgment, tempered severity with urbanity: he upheld the good, and roused the imprudent, and, by a peculiar charm, turned even the guilty round to virtue. He was born in the year of Our Lord 1672, and augmenting his fortune by moderate degrees, at length arrived at the highest honours of the State. He died, in the 48th year of his age, the charm and ornament of Britain. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1719.
Year of headstone: 1809.
Age at death: 48 (classed as: ).